Create and Deploy Custom Telegram Bots

Create and Deploy Custom Telegram Bots
Delivery in 8 Days
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Welcome to my gig! Are you looking to boost user interaction within your Telegram community? Are you planning on launching an airdrop for your token project and require a bot to streamline the process? Maybe you’re seeking users to engage by liking, retweeting, and joining channels or groups as criteria for eligibility. Then you are in the right place!!

I specialize in building Telegram verification bots to ensure secure airdrop distribution and user access to your groups. Additionally, I can set up dedicated Telegram groups tailored to the needs of your DeFi project.

What I Offer

Telegram Verification Bots:

Develop and deploy custom verification bots to validate user participation in airdrop campaigns.
Verify completed tasks and ensure fair distribution of tokens or rewards.
Implement secure and efficient verification processes to prevent fraud and abuse.

DeFi Project Telegram Groups:

Set up and customize Telegram groups to align with your DeFi project’s branding and goals.
Configure group settings, permissions, and welcome messages for a seamless user experience.
Provide guidance on fostering community engagement and moderation best practices.

Why Choose Me:

✔ Proven track record with high-profile DeFi projects, including MetaWar and FlokkiShiba.

✔ Years of experience in bot development using python and Telegram group management.

✔ In-depth knowledge of the DeFi ecosystem and its unique requirements.

✔ Dedication to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your project’s specific needs.

✔ Excellent communication and quick response times.

Lets Get started:

Contact me to discuss your project requirements and goals and I’ll provide a customized solution tailored to your needs.

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