DevOps/Cloud Engineer

DevOps/Cloud Engineer
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As a seasoned DevOps and Cloud Engineer, I can translate your business requirements into a robust, scalable, and reliable cloud architecture that will serve as the backbone of your operations. My extensive experience spans across multiple industries, where I have utilized a variety of cloud services to build efficient and secure infrastructures.

Here’s a glimpse into my array of services:

Implementation of custom cloud architectures with Web3 in mind.
Creation and management of cloud resources across different platforms (AWS, Google Cloud).
Custom Docker/Kubernetes deployment and orchestration.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation using Terraform/CloudFormation.
CI/CD pipeline design and optimization with Jenkins, CircleCI, or GitLab.
Automating processes via scripting (Python, Bash) and configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef).
Setting up and managing database services, both SQL and NoSQL.
Proactive monitoring, logging, and alerting with tools like Prometheus, ELK Stack, and CloudWatch.
Performance tuning and cost optimization for your cloud resources.
Disaster recovery planning and high availability strategies.
Utilization of third-party tools for further infrastructure optimization.
Support after the project is completed to ensure smooth operations.

Important: For a detailed understanding of your project and to offer you the most precise pricing, please share your complete requirements with me in a chat before submitting an order.

Looking forward to doing business with you!

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