Explainer video

Explainer video
Delivery in 8 Days
Max Revisions: 3

It would be my privilege to create amazing explainer videos for your project.

I visualize your video utilizing your brand’s feel and colors through the second-person benefit oriented storytelling structure as:
• punchline
• problem
• introduction
• solution/how it works
• social proof
• call to action

All of the above elements help us to push hot buttons of your prospects through their problem and release the tension through your solution. This allows us to further persuade them through “social proof” and “call to action” to perform an action that you need from them.

To start with the script, I need answers on the following questions:
Why are you creating this video and what do you hope to accomplish?
What barriers/pain your prospect might be facing that could lead him to your offerings.
How are you making their life better?
What do you want your prospect to do after watching the video?
Anything else that you think we should be aware of?
They will help us define a clear objective on the goal of the video.

@process example:
• Based on the script:
• we create storyboard:
• we later turn into an animation (we order voice at this stage):
*you maintain full control, we move to the next step after previous is confirmed

If you are able to immediately provide feedback, I need from start to end of video production total 10 days:
• Script in 2 days
You`ll receive two design options to confirm the style of animation within 2 days
• You would receive storyboard (graphic elements) within 4 days
• after you confirm storyboard, you receive video within 5 days
*please note, in practice, it takes 1 to 2 days at each step on revision emails/messages back and forth
*usually I deliver a day or two earlier
*business day

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