Help Create Smart Contract in Solidity

Help Create Smart Contract in Solidity Help Create Smart Contract in Solidity Help Create Smart Contract in Solidity
Delivery in 14 Days
Max Revisions: 5

Hello there and welcome to my solidity developer gig.

A quick introduction about myself. My name is JW Avolabi and for the past three years I have been developing Solidity-based smart contracts.

Before delving into web3 as a freelancer, I work as a react developer for more than 7 years for Apptjob .

Leveraging my expertise, I’m well-equipped to offer you a range of services, including:

✔️ Smart contract development using Solidity

✔️ Design and development of custom tokens and NFTs

✔️ Building user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps)

✔️Consultation and guidance on blockchain technology

✔️Blockchain Network Integration

Why should you hire me?

I’m the person you should recruit because I have two years of solidity-based smart contract experience. possess a broad range of abilities in front-end programming using React, a scalable javascript framework.

Finally, I’ve proven that I can provide outcomes by successfully contributing to a number of blockchain projects, including Rockshope Nft, Lost Dino Ark(LDK) to mention a few.

Do you want to start a project? Let’s work together. Send me a direct message so we can discuss your innovation.

PS: Depending on the complexity of your project, the delivery time could be more or less and same applies to the service charge. Do endevour to send me a dm before making a purchase.

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