PAAL Custom Bot

PAAL Custom Bot PAAL Custom Bot
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MyPaal is a revolutionary AI chatbot tailored for the crypto community. It’s designed to handle inquiries, summarize conversations, and assess chat sentiment. It’s compatible with popular platforms like Telegram and Discord, allowing for a consistent user experience across various channels.

One of its key features is customizability – you can personalize the bot’s personality, response style, and knowledge base about various coins and projects. It supports content upload in various formats, including Word, PDF, website links, and YouTube videos, allowing it to continuously learn and provide accurate information.

MyPaal also fetches real-time data from multiple sources and ensures data security with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption by Google Cloud. Plus, it offers a unique opportunity for revenue sharing with $PAAL stakers. In a nutshell, MyPaal is a powerful, customizable, and secure AI chatbot solution perfect for any crypto community.

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