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UI/UX Designs UI/UX Designs UI/UX Designs UI/UX Designs UI/UX Designs
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Experienced UI/UX Designer with over 3 years of proficiency in designing scalable, accessible mobile and web products for Fintech and web3. I have established a reputation as a reliable and detail-oriented designer in the web3 space, where I have worked closely with founders and small teams. To deliver high-quality products, I synthesize vision, ideation, research, intuition, and craftsmanship. In addition to my current focus on designing for the crypto and blockchain space, I have a commendable track record in creating enterprise design systems that emphasize accessibility. Throughout my career, I have successfully designed a diverse range of applications, including Fintech apps, DAO Games, Governance Systems, Launchpads, Swaps, DEXes, CEXes, Mobile dApps, Wallets, and Websites. I approach each project with utmost dedication and strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of my work.

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